OSHA investigating collapse of pedestrian bridge at Wake Tech

North Carolina’s Department of Labor will investigate the cause of the collapse of an unfinished pedestrian bridge at a Wake Technical Community College campus on the Thursday morning of November 13, causing the death of one worker and the hospitalization of four others.

Local officials said workers were pouring concrete for the bridge at around 10:15 a.m. at Wake Tech’s northern campus off Louisburg Road when the bridge suddenly collapsed. It was estimated that about a 140-foot section of the bridge fell by as much as 40 feet. Labor department spokesman Neal O’Briant said the department will investigate whether there were any violations of Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards on the part of the construction company or the school.

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State Officials Address Rising Number of Workers’ Comp Claims

North Carolina’s state officials are doing something to address the issue of rising workers’ compensation claims, and they want citizens to know about some of the measures they are taking.

In a meeting with business leaders at the Roanoke Valley Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, April 24, North Carolina Industrial Commission executive secretary Meredith Henderson said that with the rate of workers’ compensation claims rising 18% from the previous year, the commission will intensify its efforts towards identifying claims that are fraudulent or misleading.

Henderson said the commission will also maintain transparency and make their records public in an effort to see that the information they are receiving matches the information provided by employers and their insurance.

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Data on 2012’s North Carolina workplace injuries and illnesses

Recent data from the North Carolina Department of Labor showed that Raleigh, North Carolina is now a safer place for workers, as evidenced by the number of workplace injuries and illnesses decreasing to 2.9 incidents for every 100 full-time workers in 2012. This is a decrease from the 3.1 rate of the previous three years and 5.7 per 100 workers in 1999.

According to data released January of last year, workplace fatalities also declined by 34% to 35 in 2012 from 2011’s record of 53 deaths. The fatalities were higher in 2008 and 2010 but have dropped overall since 2005 when 68 people were recorded to have died due to work-related accidents.

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North Carolina State Fair worker injury

Brian Long, the spokesman for the Department of Agriculture, announced that a worker at the North Carolina State Fair was disconnecting pieces of a ride called The Vortex when a part of the structure collapsed on him.

The 35-year-old worker sustained a leg injury and was taken to WakeMed Hospital in Raleigh. The accident occurred on Monday October, 28th around 3:30 p.m.

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North Carolina celebrates farmers’ safety week

In a bid to develop solutions for agro-industrial and agricultural hazards, work out strategies to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses, and advocate for workplace health and safety, the North Carolina Agromedicine Institute observed National Farm Safety Week from September 15 through the 21st.

The institute, composed of N.C. State University, East Carolina University, and N.C. A&T State University, offered several farm safety programs, including AgriSafe of N.C. and Certified Safe Farm programs. For its expansion, the Certified Safe Farm program received a N.C. Tobacco Trust Fund Commission grant of $300,000. The grant will benefit two groups: N.C. Cooperative Extension agents who conduct on-farm safety reviews and AgriSafe of N.C. personnel who monitor the health of North Carolina farmers and farm workers.

Extension agents and AgriSafe nurses and health providers conducted one-on-one education sessions with farmers and assisted farmers in making and finding safety equipment.

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Common Types of Workplace Injuries

Statistics from 2010 records show that over 4,500 American workers were fatally harmed while performing their day-to-day job activities and about a million suffered from non-lethal workplace injuries. Of these many injuries and accidents, some tend to affect American workers more often, including:

  • Body parts, such as fingers and hair, or everyday wear, like shoes and clothing, becoming entangled with a part of a machine, usually in a place like a factory where heavy equipment is used.
  • Repetitive motion injuries, which are less obvious but can also cause insurmountable health dangers in the long run. Examples of repetitive motion injuries are back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and vision problems due to using the computer 24/7.
  • Falling objects, which are usually dropped from a high vantage point. Wearing protective gear, such as hard hats, can help lessen the prevalence of injuries.

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Common Workplace Injuries

Being injured at work can have a number of consequences for the victims, not the least of which is the financial expenses victims may face. Unfortunately, people suffer workplaces injuries all too often, with the following being the most common types:

  1. Overexertion Injuries: This mostly includes any injuries related to pulling, lifting, pushing, holding, carrying, and throwing.
  2. Slipping/Tripping: This includes falling on wet/slippery floors or tripping on something on the floor.
  3. Falling from Heights: This includes falling from elevated areas (i.e. stairways, roofs, and ladders).
  4. Falling Object Injuries: This includes objects falling from above, such as from a shelf or from being dropped by another person.
  5. Machine Entanglement: This typically happens in factories. This includes being caught in a machine by your hair, clothes, fingers, etc.
  6. Repetitive Motion Injuries: This includes any repetitive motion that is required for your job that causes harm in the long run (i.e. typing on the computer for a long period of time can cause carpal tunnel and other injuries).

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Walmart pays $190,000 fine, concedes to improving working conditions in stores

Walmart agreed to improve safety conditions at more than 2,800 of its branches in 28 states and and pay a $190,000 fine after inspectors discovered serious health violations at its Rochester, New York store on Wednesday, August 7.

The Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited Walmart for hazards such as lack of training on hazardous materials, blocked exits, and improper and unsafe trash compactor procedures. Under the federal settlement, Walmart will be improving worker training programs for operating hazardous equipment.

The U.S. multinational has also been embattled by strikes regarding employee conditions which included inadequate fire safety measures and poorly maintained equipment.

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N.C. Court of Appeals rules to uphold workers’ compensation settlement

The North Carolina Court of Appeals upheld the decision made by the North Carolina Industrial Commission to nullify the original settlement between Danny Allred and his employer Exceptional Landscapes Inc., on May 21, citing unjustness.

Employee Danny Allred, who sustained injuries while performing on-the-job duties in August 2006, initially accepted a $26,000 workers’ compensation settlement in February 2007. However, in 2012 the Industrial Commission voided this settlement, saying the price was not compensatory for the injuries Allred sustained, and ordered the company to pay for his medical expenses and give him $211 weekly in temporary disability compensation.

The appeals court agreed with the decision made by the commission, but negated the requirement that the company pay for Allred’s attorney fees. According to the court, since Exceptional Landscapes didn’t acquire workers’ comp insurance, it didn’t qualify as an insurer and, therefore, isn’t required to cover a claimant’s attorney fees.

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Man pleads guilty in workers’ comp fraud case

A 53-year-old Syracuse man, who used to be employed by the U.S. Postal Service, pleaded guilty to workers’ compensation fraud in federal court on Thursday.

Throughout the past two years, the man received over $18,000 in disability benefits for an injury he claimed to have sustained while he was working for the U.S. Postal Service. However, investigators have footage showing the man working on roofs and carrying large objects for his contracting business while he was still earning the benefits.

The man pleaded guilty to the fraud charge and will repay the amount of workers’ comp he received as part of his plea bargain. His sentencing hearing is set for October 24.

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