Sleep deprivation may lead to workplace injuries

When a person frequently works odd shifts, such as an early morning shift directly after a late night shift, this work schedule can deprive them of the sleep they need to be safe on the job. Additionally, sleep deprivation may cause a drop in productivity.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has conducted a study that shows nearly 30% of American workers do not get the amount of sleep they need. This figure has risen from about 24% in the 1980s. NIOSH recommends employers allow their workers at least ten hours in between shifts.

Sleeping for fewer than six hours a night can cause health problems. However, many people work irregular shifts, which wreaks havoc on their sleep schedule. Not getting enough sleep can lead to numerous hazards including a decline in mental function and an increased risk of injury.

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Workplace explosion kills 2

The Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation is looking into the causes of a plant explosion that left two workers dead.

The workplace accident happened on March 1 at a waste water treatment plant in Ohio. The two men who were involved worked at the treatment plant as the maintenance man, and the assistant maintenance man. Both of them were working in the room with the compressor when a wiring issue caused an explosion.

The men suffered burns on more than 95 percent of their bodies. They were both taken to the burn unit of a hospital, and remained there for several weeks. One of them passed away on March 29, and the second employee succumbed to his injuries yesterday.

Our thoughts are with the victims’ families and friends during this tragic time.

Chocolate company fined by OSHA, owes $84,150

The Tsudis Chocolate Co. has been sought out by the OSHA for violating safety regulations.

The O’Hara Township, Pennsylvania company is being held responsible for a workplace accident that happened last October. An employee received a head wound after a molding machine started without warning, cutting into his scalp. An eight-inch gash resulted, and nerve damage was also uncovered.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration stated that the chocolate factory was responsible for properly locking their equipment, and that the failure to do this directly resulted in the workplace accident. The fines against them total $84,150.

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OSHA investigating fumes at elementary school

State officials with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are currently investigating reports of fumes at an elementary school.

According to officials, maintenance crews were trying to unclog a sewer line that was backed up and were using a solvent to do so, but this allegedly did not work.

he next day, teachers claimed that they smelled a strong odor throughout the school. Workers then used fans and opened all of the school’s windows in order to alleviate the smell. Teachers then started to complain that they were feeling ill and some experienced respiratory illnesses.

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Officials investigating fatal cotton gin accident

Two weeks ago, a man who was working as a forklift operator at Jones County Cotton Gin to raise money for Christmas was injured in a workplace accident at the cotton gin. The 62-year old worker passed away later that day from the traumatic injuries he suffered in the accident.

Emergency crews found the man conscious and lying on the ground surrounded by cotton bales that appeared to have fallen. The bales weigh several hundreds of pounds each.

There were no witnesses to the accident. Investigators with the North Carolina Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Division, Jones County Cotton Gin, and the company’s insurance company are looking into what caused the fatal accident.

Our utmost sympathies go out to the victim’s family and friends.

OSHA asks retailers to protect employees on Black Friday

This coming Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is Black Friday.  Accordingly, retailers across the country will be opening early and offering huge sales for consumers looking to get started on their holiday shopping.

Last Thursday, officials with the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued a statement encouraging retailers to implement plans that will protect their employees from being injured on the job.  In particular, the agency recommends that retailers come up with crowd management strategies.  On Black Friday in 2008, a retail store employee was killed when a mob of shoppers rushed the store and he was trampled.

The statement included a tip sheet which suggests using an online lottery for more desirable items to prevent crowd rushing or fights among shoppers, implementing additional communication systems like using bullhorns, and designating certain workers to call 9-1-1 in the case of an emergency or injury.

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Workplace injuries up in healthcare industry

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, workplace injures in the healthcare industry are increasing.

Last year, nonfatal injuries and illnesses to attendants, orderlies, and nursing aides increased by 7 percent with approximately 489 incidents per 10,000 workers. Support workers in the healthcare industry experienced a 6 percent increase in injuries and illnesses to a rate of about 283 incidents per 10,000 workers.

The highest increase was in musculoskeletal disorders among healthcare workers.  The rate of these injuries among healthcare workers increased by 10 percent with 249 incidents per 10,000 workers.

The average injury and illness incident rate for workers in the U.S. workforce is approximately 118 incidents per 10,000 workers.

OSHA Assistant Secretary David Michaels stated, “It is unacceptable that the workers who have dedicated their lives to caring for our loved ones when they are sick are the very same workers who face the highest risk of work-related injury and illness.”

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NY woman’s arm severed in manufacturing accident

A New York woman’s arm was  amputated last Friday afternoon in a manufacturing accident at her job at Brand Packaging Group Inc..  The Long Island Press reported that the accident occurred around 2:30 PM at the Brand Packing Group Inc. plant on Price Parkway.

37-year-old Beatriz Blas of Wyandanch was working on a packing machine at the plant when her arm became stuck in the machine.  One of Blas’ coworkers ran to help her when he heard her screams and was able to free her from the machine.  Blas was airlifted to Nassau University Medical Center by emergency care officials.  Later, medical authorities had Blas transferred to Stony Brook University Medical Center where doctors are trying to reattach her arm.

One killed, another injured in Penn. workplace accident

On July 26th, two Pennsylvania men were injured in a terrible workplace accident at the AmeriCold shipping and refrigeration company facility in East Manchester Township around 3 AM.  The accident occurred when a 1,000 pound dock plate fell onto the two men. One worker was able to get out from underneath and help 23-year old Robert Enfield out as well. Enfield’s head was crushed by the dock plate.  Dock plates are metal ramps used to connect the gap between a truck and the floors of a dock.

Enfield and the other worker were rushed to a nearby hospital. The worker was treated for injuries and release not long after. Enfield suffered critical injuries and later passed away on July 31st.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating this terrible accident.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Enfield’s family and friends.

OSHA fines construction companies in Connecticut plant explosion

Yesterday, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced proposed fines of $16.6 million against the 3 construction companies and 14 contractors involved in the February 7th plant explosion at Kleen Energy Systems LLC in Middletown, Connecticut.

The workplace accident at the power plant construction site killed 6 workers and injured 50.  The accident occurred while the company attempted to clear a supply pipe of debris using flammable natural gas.

The fines come as a result of 371 accusations of workplace safety violations, including 225 considered to be willful.  Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis stated, “No operation and no deadline is worth cutting corners and costing a single human life”.