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Millions of Americans suffer from an illness or injury that prevents them from earning an adequate salary. Some people with disabilities are unable to work regularly at all. If you are struggling to care for your family despite a serious disability, you need to be informed about Social Security and how it can help you.

Raleigh Social Security Disability attorneys Scudder Seguin, PLLC understand how frustrating it can be to deal with the Social Security bureaucracy. We want to minimize your stress and anxiety by taking on the burden of paperwork and legal technicalities. Contact our offices at (919) 851-3311 to learn more.

How We Can Help

You are not legally required to contact an attorney before applying for Social Security disability benefits. However, it is important to note that about 70% of initial claims are rejected. This is often due to some minor oversight or error. Having an experienced Raleigh disability lawyer on your side can greatly reduce your chances of making an important mistake.

If you contact our office for a free initial consultation, we will review your case and answer any questions you may have about the legal process. If you choose to take advantage of our legal services, we can help you gather evidence and build the strongest legal case possible. We will be there with you every step of the way to make sure your rights are being protected.

Our Social Security Practice Areas

Our experienced Raleigh Social Security disability attorneys can help you with:

  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD/SSDI)
  • Supplemental Social Security Income (SSI)
  • Social Security Disability Appeal

Initial Application

Let Scudder Seguin, PLLC help you with your Social Security Disability income applications, as these applications can be very difficult to navigate. Often times, applications are denied the first time an applicant applies because the application was found lacking in one way or another, reasons big or small. Do not let yourself get denied the benefits you deserve! Our experienced attorneys at Scudder Seguin, PLLC can help make sure the initial application is completed thoroughly and correctly so there is little question that you will be awarded the assistance you deserve. It may also be possible, if you have children, for them to receive their own benefits as a result of your disability, depending on your situation. Call (919) 851-3311 today to discuss your case to find out whether that is a possibility applicable to you and for your family.


You have four opportunities to appeal your denial(s) of benefits after a denial(s) has been received. These are, in the order that they occur:

  • A request for reconsideration: this is the first stage of the appeal process and gets your initial application reviewed by someone with fresh eyes who was not a part of the original decision to deny you benefits. If you are denied, again, then you may appeal the decision by requesting a hearing.
  • A request for a hearing: this is the second stage of appeals and will let you make your case in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) who had no input on either of the prior two reviews and denials. If denied again, you may appeal to the Appeals Council.
  • A request for an Appeals Council Review: this is the third stage of appealing. Here, the Appeals Council may deny your request to review. If they grant your request, then you may be granted another chance at a new hearing in front of an ALJ. If this measure in unsuccessful, then you may file a case in Federal Court.
  • An appeal made before a Federal Court: this is the final appeal stage and will let you have your case heard in Federal Court if the Appeals Council denies your application to be heard by them or if you are denied again by an ALJ.

If you have already applied for benefits and were denied, let Scudder Seguin, PLLC help you with your appeal, wherever you are in the process. Appealing a denial of benefits is lengthy and can be extremely complex and time-consuming. There are numerous deadline periods to keep in mind when appealing so as to not miss an appeal opportunity. Keeping these dates straight amidst life’s general chaos is hardly an easy task. Give that task to the attorneys at Scudder Seguin, PLLC so you can rest easy knowing no details are being overlooked.

Whether you are appealing for the first time or you are appealing before a Federal Court Judge let Scudder Seguin, PLLC handle the wild waters which make up Social Security income appeals so as to help you get the results you seek. We can help you understand what you are facing as you appeal the decisions made by the Social Security Administration and present the strongest case possible for you to be granted the benefits you have earned. Call Scudder Seguin, PLLC at (919) 851-3311 to consult with one of our experienced attorneys today!

Back Pay and Retroactive Benefit Payouts

One aspect many self-represented people do not realize is that if they file for Social Security benefits and are denied, they need to appeal, not refile a new application. If you refile for those same benefits in another, new application, you will not be able to receive any back pay benefits when and if you are granted SSI and SSDI benefits upon the success of the second application. This can be a big loss for you and in potential, deserved income – so contact us today at (919) 851-3311 to make sure you do not make this mistake!

The way this works is if you stick with appealing the original application and are granted the benefits you applied for through appeal, then you will be eligible to receive the monthly income that you missed out on from the date of the original application’s filing to the date you were finally granted the benefits during the appeal process. This is a great example as to why it is important to start off with the strongest application possible – which Scudder Seguin, PLLC will help you complete – and then stay the course if for some reason you are denied and need to appeal the decision, which Scudder Seguin, PLLC can also help you with.

Retroactive pay is similar in that you may be eligible for benefits for the time you were disabled preceding the application date for benefits. This is another area where people are better off having an experienced attorney from Scudder Seguin, PLLC helping them to make sure representations made to the Social Security office are accurate, clear, and will deliver the best results possible. Call Scudder Seguin, PLLC to talk about what you may be eligible to receive in retroactive benefits for your particular situation and with regard to what benefits you are applying for.

Why Choose Us

While many try to navigate their Social Security income applications and denials themselves, it is a difficult feat when they lack the experience that Scudder Seguin, PLLC’s attorneys have in handling these cases. Often times, the initial denial is enough for most to quit applying or forego appeals. Do not give up! For those who keep on, individually, they often say that the letters received from the Social Security are unclear, difficult to read, difficult to determine when the letter was sent as the dates are not easily found, and are sometimes duplicated many times over, with very minor (if any) changes from one duplicate to the next. The process quickly becomes overwhelming, and understandably so. Hiring Scudder Seguin, PLLC to take this burden off of your shoulders and expertly assist you in obtaining the Social Security Income you deserve is our number one concern and helping you be less overwhelmed is our goal. Let Scudder Seguin, PLLC deal with the Social Security Administration and the lengthy paperwork, various deadlines, and copious letters while you have peace of mind that your interests are being secured by Scudder Seguin, PLLC.

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