AT&T subcontractor employee denied workers’ compensation

Nineteen-year-old Derek Mims jumped at the opportunity to work installing cable fibers for multinational telecommunications conglomerate AT&T Inc., and got hired by Georgia-based Synchronicity LLC. However, when he got injured, he had issues with the company not paying workers’ compensation benefits due to misclassification as an employee. Others also said they had issues with their wages through the company.

Ansco & Associates of Atlanta president George Summers said they are no longer using Synchronicity as a subcontractor, noting on Thursday, December 1, “Our understanding from what they have told us is that they [Synchronicity] were embarrassed this has come up.” Ansco & Associates is AT&T’s main contractor.

A Synchronicity official denied there had been payment issues with their workers.

According to the complaint, Mims had been trying to place a large drill on a Ditch Witch when his glove got stuck in the machine, crushing his fingers. He then filed a workers’ compensation claim with Synchronicity but was anxious that the company would not honor it because he was treated as a contractor.

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Employee hurt in workplace accident claims coal business is guilty of wrongful termination

Lincoln County, West Virginia resident Jeremiah Adkins filed a wrongful termination lawsuit on Tuesday, October 4 in Raleigh Circuit Court against Summersville-based Elite Coal Services LLC, claiming that the company terminated him after he applied for workers’ compensation benefits when he got injured during a workplace accident.

According to the complaint, Adkins was fired from employment at Elite Coal’s Allen Powellton mine on May 9, 2015 after he filed for a workers’ compensation claim when he said he got injured while performing his job duty.

Adkins wants his former company to pay for his attorneys’ fees and court costs, damages, reinstatement to his job, plus all the relief that the court deems appropriate. He seeks a trial by jury.

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Cook County to mandate employers to provide paid sick leave

On Wednesday, October 5, the Cook County Board of Commissioners put into law an ordinance that will mandate employers throughout Cook County, Illinois to give their employees paid sick leave. The county is adopting the Chicago Paid Sick Leave Ordinance, which was passed by the city in June 2016 and which will go into effect the same day as the ordinance approved in Cook County: July 1, 2017.

According to the provisions of the ordinance, employees all over Cook County will accrue one hour of paid sick leave for every 40 hours they work for a company. Employees have the chance to obtain five days of paid sick leave per year, or more days, if their company decides to provide greater benefits.

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Meeker vows wage enforcement if elected labor commissioner

66-year-old Charles Meeker said he will dedicate himself to prosecuting employers who violate the state’s wage and benefit rules if he is elected to serve as the next North Carolina labor commissioner. Meeker was the mayor of Raleigh for close to a decade, from 2001 to 2011.

In an interview with The Daily Reflector, Meeker discussed what he plans to prioritize for his campaign. Specifically, he promises to do much of what Cherie Berry has failed to do: help workers collect unpaid wages. Meeker said he will also focus on streamlining the department so that its 350 employees will work efficiently and effectively, which he can accomplish by listening to the concerns of the employees. He will serve as challenger to North Carolina’s incumbent Republican labor commissioner Cherie Berry, who was initially elected in 2000.

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State leaders vow action on misclassification of workers issue

North Carolina leaders recently vowed that changes will be pursued after a labor scheme has put several workers in danger and has cheated them of benefits, including workers’ compensation, by misclassifying them as independent contractors rather than employees, the News & Observer reported on September 11.

By misclassifying workers, it not only denied workers their rights as employees, but also prevented the federal and state governments from collecting almost one-half billion dollars annually from taxes.

Governor Patrick Lloyd “Pat” McCrory said he will pursue legislation that seeks to penalize companies that intentionally treat legitimate workers as independent contractors to gain a competitive advantage against other businesses, while North Carolina Attorney General Ray Cooper stated his lawyers would determine the legal action that may be taken against these companies.

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Charlton Allen confirmed to NC Industrial Commission by state Senate

North Carolina’s state Senate confirmed the appointment of Charlton Allen to the six-member Industrial Commission, even though critics opposed his nomination due to his views on minimum wage, reported on June 16.

Governor Pat McCrory’s appointee was ushered into the post through a vote of 31-18, with votes falling mostly along party lines. The agency presides over workers’ compensation claims. Allen has openly denounced minimum wage, which many Democrats believe will hinder his ability to objectively make decisions about workers’ compensation. Allen’s other criticisms stemmed from his college articles on the student publication Carolina Review, which critics said were racist and anti-Semitic. Allen called this description, “grossly unfair.”

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Democrats oppose appointment of Charlton Allen to N.C. Industrial Commission

Some Democrats voiced their opposition to the confirmation of Charlton Allen to serve on the North Carolina Industrial Commission due to opinions hinting at anti-workers rights and a possible lack of experience handling workplace policy, The Charlotte Observer reported on May 22.

According to House of Representatives Minority Leader Larry Hall, Allen stated in a candidate questionnaire for the state’s conservative non-profit organization Civitas Institute that he wants to amend the state’s constitution to that of a “right to work” one, characterized by a lack of unions and an employer’s freedom to not give paid sick leave or lunch breaks. Allen is a Mooresville lawyer who campaigned for a House seat in 2012, losing in a Republican primary to Representative Robert Brawley. Allen will start his six-year term on July 1.

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Wal-Mart to Pay $11M in Class-Action Employee Lawsuit

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. will pay $11 million to settle a class-action lawsuit brought on behalf of 97,000 current and former workers inIowa over allegations that they were forced to skip breaks or work off the clock.

Judge David Sivright of the Clinton County District court gave the final approval for the deal on Tuesday.

The settlement has been reached more than eight years after two employees filed a lawsuit claiming that the company engaged in uniform and systematic wage abuse.

Wal-Mart announced last December that it would pay as much as $640 million to settle 63 different lawsuits across the country over wage and hour violations. The average plaintiff will receive around $113.

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Worker Discharged after Filing for Workers’ Comp

In Madison, Wisconsin, a man has filed a suit against his former employer for wrongful termination. The man began working for the company in 1993 and injured himself on February 6, 2008.

On August 11, the man was fired after filing for workers’ compensation. He is seeking over $50,000 for lost wages, benefits and other incurred costs caused by his termination.

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Musicians in Montana May Be Exempt from Workers Compensation

In Montana,  new legislation is being introduced that will exempt workers compensation benefits for musicians.  Under the current system,  for a musician to play a show,  they have to be considered a hired worker of the company. This requires that workers compensation be provided.

Many musicians have come out against this stating that it is making it difficult to find work. Owners of businesses are hesitant to hire them because of this.  Some musicians believe that if the exemption were passed, that they would be better able to play shows.

This issue does bring up questions though on how a situation would be handled if a musician was injured while on the job.

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