Injured Hot Air Balloon Pilot Denied Workers’ Comp

A pilot of a hot-air balloon that crashed into a Vancouver-area trailer park three years ago, killing two people, has been denied workers compensation.

Stephen Pennock as the pilot of a balloon, carrying 13 people, that caught fire just before liftoff, snapped its tether and smashed down onto a trailer park. According to documents from a recent Worksafe review decision, the pilot has faced numerous problems since the incident, including burns to his body, and injuries from heat in both lungs.

Court documents show that the pilot also suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression problems. Doctors say these problems are unlikely to improve until his legal issues are resolved.

The pilot told a review board that he has been living off credit cars and the sale of personal property for two years while he waited for temporary benefits to be paid. The review board, however, upheld a previous finding that the pilot had recovered from his physical injuries by January 2009.

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Settlements Possible for 9/11 Rescue Workers

Thousands of lawsuits filed by 9/11 rescue workers against New York City are moving closer to settlements, according to a federal judge.

Close to 11,000 September 11 rescue workers have pending lawsuits against responding agencies and the city, litigation has been going since 2004. The judge who is presiding over the matters mentioned that the parties are looking toward possible group settlements while some lawsuits may still be settled individually.

The cases deal with rescue and cleanup workers who suffer from illnesses they claim stem from working at Ground Zero after the terrorist attacks of 2001.

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Man Stages Robbery to Collect Workers’ Comp

A Philadelphia man has pleaded guilty in Maryland toconspiracy to commit insurance fraud after he staged a fake robbery and shothis own cousin as part of an elaborate conspiracy to help the cousin collectworkers’ compensation insurance.

46 year-old Joseph Francis Brooks, of Philadelphia, wasgiven a five-year suspended sentence and 18 months probation.

In August while working for UPS, Brooks’ cousin PierreLamont Taylor, was “robbed” by Brooks and shot in his right leg. Taylor soonfiled a workers’ compensation claim with Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Judge Michael J. Algeo said the incident “ranks as one ofthe dumbest things” he has seen anyone do.

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Injury, Illness, and Work-related Deaths Declined in 2009

The North Carolinia Department of Labor released preliminary figures that show that workplace deaths declined from 54 in 2008 to 35 workers in 2009. In addition, the rates of non-fatal injuries and illnesses dropped for the second-straight year to an all-time low of 3.4 per 100 full time employees. Sources say the decline in injuries and illness may result in a 9.6 % drop in worker’s compensation rates in the new year.

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Federal Assistance May Help Curb Injuries in the Workplace

New federal regulations may require employers to keep more extensive records on ergonomic-related injuries may help the government re-institute workplace-safety protections that were repealed under the Bush administration. The efforts are intended to push employers to minimize the risk of repetitive-motion injuries for employees.

Sources say that the new rules may force U.S. employers to invest nearly $4 billion dollarrs in workplace improvements to minimize repetitive motion injuries. According to those familiar with the regulations, corporations may be initially resistant to any rules that are imposed regarding ergonomic-related improvements, but the government’s goal is to provide a safer work environment for U.S. employees.

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Con Agra Fined in Fatal Slim Jim Plant Blast

The North Carolina Labor Department recently fined Omaha-based Con-Agra foods $135,000 for a blast in the company's Garner, N.C. location that killed four workers. Investigators for the labor department discovered 26 serious violations of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of North Carolina, including failure to follow safety procedures, faulty alarm systems, and failure to keep the workplace free from serious safety hazards.

An explosion in the packaging area caused a partial roof collapse while nearly 200 workers were inside. The four individuals who were killed were struck by debris or crushed in the building's collapse. 

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Worker Injured in Electrical Accident

A worker was recently injured in an electrical accident that occurred at a power plant.  The worker was performing routine maintenance work on a circuit breaker when the accident occurred. For some unknown reason,  an electrical surge occurred and shocked the man and seriously injured him.  A portion of the man's clothes caught fire. Another worker on the scene was able to extinguish the fire, call for help, and provide assistance to the injured worker.

The man was rushed to a hospital with burns on his face, chest, and limps.  Emergency officials used a medical helicopter to transport the man as fast as possible. 

The man is currently expected to recover. 

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Man Found Guilty of Workers’ Comp. Fraud

A man from Montevallo has been found guilty of workers’compensation fraud.

A jury in the Shelby County Circuit Court found 44 year-oldRobert Burrows guilty of two counts of making false statements to receiveworkers’  compensation benefits. Hewas also convicted on one count of second-degree theft. According to courtdocuments, the jury found that Burrows “misrepresented an injury he receivedwhile working at an auto parts store.”

Attorney General Troy King explained the verdict in a pressrelease, saying “it is a crime for someone to misrepresent an injury in orderto get workers’ compensation funds longer than he should… I am pleased that thejury returned a guilty verdict, and that this defendant will be heldaccountable for his crime.”

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Stundy Finds Employers, Employees Underreport Workplace Injuries, Illnesses

A new government study shows that employers and employeesunderreport workplace injuries and illnesses.

The report released by the Government Accountability Officeis the culmination of a yearlong federal program that examines how employerskeep records of workers injured on the job. The GAO found that employees tendto underreport injuries and illness for fear of losing their job or being disciplined.The report shows that 67 percent of occupational health practitioners said theyobserved workers who feared disciplinary action for reporting an injury. 46percent agreed that this fear was a factor in the underreporting of injuries.

The report also cited employer safety incentive programs canalso lead employees to underreport injuries. These incentives offer bonuses toworkers for creating safe work sites.

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So Cal Trucking Company to Pay $160K Workers’ Comp. Settlement

The Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office insouthern California announced a $160,000 civil settlement against a truckingcompany for failing to provide employees with workers’ compensation insurance.

Nelson Francia, of Nelson Francia Trucking, had longtimelocal contracts with the bulk mail transportation division of the United StatesPostal Service’s Richmond office. Under the state businesses and professionscode, these contracts gave local prosecutors jurisdiction to litigate the casein cooperation with Postal Service inspectors and the state Department ofInsurance.

Francia Trucking admitted no liability in the settlement butwill be required to pay $50,000 in civil penalties and investigative costs. Theremainder of the $160,000 judgement will be suspended. However if Francia failsto secure permanent workers’ compensation for employees as required by law, hewill be required to pay the remaining balance.

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