Court rejects workers’ compensation claim for Christmas party injury

A North Carolina court affirmed the North Carolina Industrial Commission’s ruling that denied Melissa Lennon, who worked as a deputy clerk in the accounting division of the Harnett County clerk of court’s office, her request for workers’ compensation benefits when she got injured at her employer’s annual holiday party, noting that Lennon did not sustain her injuries during the course of performing job duties.

According to court documents, employees at the clerk’s office were invited to attend the annual office holiday party at the Chicora Country Club in Dunn. Lennon, who suffered from an acute nondisplaced fracture of the distal radius of her left wrist, coccyx fracture, and superior glenoid tear of her left shoulder after she slipped and fell during the party, filed for workers’ compensation benefits.

The NCIC’s deputy commissioner rejected the claim, saying Lennon had not been wounded within the scope and course of her employment.

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