Mine worker allegedly cut from workers’ compensation benefits

Raleigh County, West Virginia resident and mine worker Thomas Arlan Elmore filed a lawsuit against Panther Creek Mining LLC, Blackhawk Mining LLC, and Tony Osborne—all mining operators in Kanawha County—on Thursday, October 20 in Raleigh Circuit Court. The claim was that they had failed to provide him with reasonable accommodation and that they had cut off his workers’ compensation benefits following a workplace injury.

According to the lawsuit, Elmore, who had been a miner since 2006, acquired work-related injuries at the American Eagle mine on January 8, 2016. He then asked for reasonable accommodations and medical and financial support. He then started receiving workers’ compensation benefits immediately after that.

Elmore claims that he was fired from his job on April 1, 2016 and that his benefits program stopped on April 30, saying that his company retaliated against him and violated his rights to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

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