Employers should anticipate issues faced by aging employees

At present, Baby Boomers and Gen Xers are on their way to the retirement stage, though this does not mean that their ranks are disappearing in the workplace. United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor statistics data showed that the number of workers aged 55 years old and higher is expected to increase in the country within the next six years, while the number of younger workers are expected to decrease.

This news is good for business owners and members of the upper echelon of the company because workers of age have far more experience in the field, and their insights can lead to significant achievements for the company.

However, this occurrence should prepare the employer for issues concerning the aging worker, namely, filing for workers’ compensation and other insurance claims, because this is the age when workers are susceptible to illnesses and disability. As a matter of fact, St. Louis, Missouri-based Safety National Casualty Corp. discovered that average claim cost was 73% higher for workers aged 45 or older, compared with workers who are younger.

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