Family of El Faro crew member files suit against missing captain, cargo ship company

Joanna Johnson is suing Tote Services, Tote Maritime Puerto Rico, and Captain Michael Davidson for $100 million due to their alleged negligence which led to the presumed death of Lonnie Jordan. Jordan was a crew member along with 33 others on the cargo ship El Faro, which disappeared off the coast of the Bahamas on Thursday, October 1 after departing two days prior.

It is believed that the El Faro sank during Hurricane Joaquin, which produced winds as high as 140 miles per hour and waves over 50 feet tall, on its way to Puerto Rico. Johnson’s attorney, Willie E. Gary, stated that Tote Services and Tote Maritime Puerto Rico knew that the El Faro was not seaworthy, yet they refused to use a different boat in order to save money.

Tote Services has stated that it will not comment on the case while the ship’s disappearance is still under investigation; however, representatives said that Captain Davidson, also presumed missing, had an adequate plan to manage the rough waters that only failed when the ship’s main propulsion stopped working correctly.