State drug formularies to be discussed by workers’ comp expert

Health Strategy Associates principal Joseph Paduda is scheduled to talk about North Carolina’s workers’ compensation drug formularies at the twentieth annual North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference this coming Wednesday to Friday, October 14 to 16 at the Raleigh Convention Center.

Paduda will be talking about this subject in response to questions concerning the impact of state drug formularies to workers’ compensation fees in general. He is expected to lay out the different types of formularies, with their corresponding pros and cons.

Paduda will illustrate state drug formularies found in Texas, Oklahoma, Washington, and Ohio and relay these states’ experiences with their corresponding formularies. Paduda’s definition of the term formulary is “a list of medications that can be dispensed without prior authorization and a ‘restricted’ list of medications that require pre-authorization”.

Paduda noted that Texas saw a 10% decrease in opioid prescriptions during the formularies’ first year of implementation, saying that one of the key goals of state drug formularies is to reduce pharmacy expenses in workers’ compensation systems.

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