New bill in NC would prohibit workers’ comp claims for undocumented workers

A new measure, House Bill 369, seeks to prevent undocumented immigrant workers from making workers’ compensation claims and receiving benefits in North Carolina, INDY Week reported on July 10.

Under the provisions of the measure, an undocumented worker in North Carolina who was not known to be an illegal immigrant by his employer at the time of his hiring will not be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. In North Carolina, many undocumented immigrants work in industries where injuries are common, such as construction and meat processing. Not being able to collect workers’ compensation could prevent many workers from earning a living at all.

North Carolina Advocates for Justice Hispanic Latino Affairs Division chairman and personal injury lawyer Gabe Talton said the implications of the bill could be disastrous for migrant workers as the measure enables employers to take advantage of this specific labor pool without having to worry about providing benefits in case of workplace accidents.

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