North Carolina negligence case approved to proceed in court

On Tuesday, February 4, the North Carolina Court of Appeals ruled that the legal representatives of four East Coast Pyrotechnics, Inc. workers may proceed with a negligence lawsuit against East Coast Pyrotechnics, Inc for a fatal 2009 explosion.

In 2009, four East Coast Pyrotechnics workers were transporting 700 pounds of fireworks to Ocracoke Island when the materials exploded, killing three and injuring one. Lisa Simmons, Mark Hill, and Charles Kirkland, Jr. died in the explosion, while Martez Holland sustained third-degree burns.

The court is trying to determine the employment status of the deceased victims. If they are identified as employees, their families will receive compensation based on North Carolina’s workers’ compensation system. However, if they are classified as private contractors, their families could receive a larger sum in damage compensation payments.

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