Illinois resident gets 8 ½ years of jail for workers’ compensation fraud

Normal, central Illinois resident Elbert Rayford, Jr. was sentenced to 8 ½ years of imprisonment on Friday, January 24 for committing workers’ compensation fraud by trying to acquire $45,000 of workers’ compensation benefits through fraudulent means.

According to Illinois Department of Insurance director Andrew Boron, Rayford, an ex-employee of T.G. Gum Trucking in Farmer City in DeWitt County in Illinois, claimed to doctors that he was suffering from a medical condition and exaggerated his symptoms to receive total disability benefits and forgo finding a job.

A probe conducted to investigate Rayford’s case by the Department of Insurance Workers’ Compensation Fraud Unit showed that Rayford was able to complete activities that his supposed medical condition allegedly prevented him from doing. The McLean County State Attorney’s Office spearheaded the prosecution of Rayford’s case.

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