Workplace injury data to be made available to the public in a bid to be transparent

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) introduced major proposal changes to its workplace reporting rules that would require companies to electronically file injury and disease reports within the workplace to make such information available to the public in a bid for transparency.

According to OSHA head David Michaels, the change is in line with President Barack Obama’s goal to make public data more accessible to the American people. Michaels said the initiative would cover 38,000 American companies that have 250 employees or more. These companies would be mandated to electronically submit data on a quarterly basis.

Companies in high-risk industries, on the other hand, and are characterized as having 20 or more employees, will be required to electronically submit injury and illness reports within the company once a year. There are estimated to be around 440,000 companies fitting this criteria in the country.

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