North Carolina celebrates farmers’ safety week

In a bid to develop solutions for agro-industrial and agricultural hazards, work out strategies to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses, and advocate for workplace health and safety, the North Carolina Agromedicine Institute observed National Farm Safety Week from September 15 through the 21st.

The institute, composed of N.C. State University, East Carolina University, and N.C. A&T State University, offered several farm safety programs, including AgriSafe of N.C. and Certified Safe Farm programs. For its expansion, the Certified Safe Farm program received a N.C. Tobacco Trust Fund Commission grant of $300,000. The grant will benefit two groups: N.C. Cooperative Extension agents who conduct on-farm safety reviews and AgriSafe of N.C. personnel who monitor the health of North Carolina farmers and farm workers.

Extension agents and AgriSafe nurses and health providers conducted one-on-one education sessions with farmers and assisted farmers in making and finding safety equipment.

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