Worker at amusement park injured, may get workers’ comp benefits

A Ghost Town in the Sky employee – Robert Bradley – who was injured in earlier July while performing his job now has hopes of being compensated for his workplace injury despite being initially told otherwise.

A couple of weeks ago Bradley was wounded in his right thigh by an unknown projectile that came out of the gun used in the scene that he has been performing for years, lodging itself about 1.5 inches into his leg and causing him a major injury.

Ghost Town owner Alaska Presley said the insurance company that carries Ghost Town employees’ workers’ compensation insurance policies demands that employees should undergo a drug exam before they cover costs of workplace injuries. However,  Bradley refused the drug test but could still be covered by the insurance policy.

Sustaining an injury in the workplace or while performing work-related tasks can entitle you to workers’ compensation benefits. However, as filing a workers’ compensation claim in Raleigh can be difficult, especially if an insurance company is not cooperating, you may need an attorney fromScudder Seguin, PLLC to help you. Call (919) 851-3311 to discuss your situation and how we can help today.