Postal employee busted for workers’ comp fraud after appearing in game show

A postal employee from Fayetteville, North Carolina became enmeshed in a legal battle when her appearance on The Price is Right proved that her 2004 claims of being unfit to work were not legitimate.

Former Lafayette Post office employee Cathy Wrench Cashwell filed for workers’ compensation on July 8, 2004 for sustaining injuries in her arms, shoulders, and neck due to loading mail trays into her work vehicle. She was awarded disability benefits as a result.

However, on Sept. 23, 2009 she appeared in the CBS show, spinning the “Big Wheel” in the Showcase Showdown, and winning for special trips and sunglasses. According to an August 2010 indictment obtained by the TV station WRAL, Cashwell “raised her left arm above her head and gripped the handle with her left hand” during her first spin, and then afterwards “raised both arms above her head and gripped the same handle but with both hands.”

Cashwell pleaded guilty to fraud in early June.

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