The Nature of Workplace Injuries

Workers are injured at their places of work because the immediate environment in which they work exposes them to certain dangers. Known as “occupational hazards,” all workers face at least some form of danger in this regard. Depending on the job that a person has, the type of injuries that they may suffer from will vary.

One common cause of employee injuries stems from carrying or lifting heavy objects. People in construction, the food industry, mail and delivery, and many other career fields may be exposed to this type of danger. As a result, it is critical that those who are required to lift heavy objects in their line of work exercise caution in their jobs.

Another common way in which an employee can get hurt is if he or she uses equipment incorrectly. This is often a problem in factories and production facilities. For example, a worker who isn’t appropriately cautious in using cutting tools can end up cutting themselves instead of the material.

Finally, exposure to general hazards, such as chemical toxins or poor ventilation, can result in substantial physical damage to workers over longer periods of time.

All of these potential sources of injury or illness may render a worker eligible to pursue a workers’ compensation claim.

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