N.C. workplace fatalities increase in 2011

This month, the North Carolina Department of Labor reported that workplace fatalities in the state increased in 2011. In 2010, 50 people died in on-the-job accidents in North Carolina, and 53 died in workplace accidents last year.

Construction accidents accounted for more fatalities than accidents in any other area of work, with 16 deaths in 2011.  10 people died in accidents related to work in forestry, agriculture, and fishing; 6 of the fatalities were in public utility and transportation accidents; 5 government workers died on the job; and 3 died in manufacturing accidents.

Other industries that experienced fatal accidents in North Carolina in 2011 were the wholesale and retail trade and service industries.  Fatalities occurred in 33 of the state’s 100 counties, with the most in Wake County.

Department of Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry stated, “The real tragedy is that all of these fatalities could have been avoided by having proper safety and health training, which we provide free of charge.”