40th Anniversary of OSH Act

This year is the 40th anniversary of the passing of the Occupational Safety and Health Act which created with Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Before the Occupational Safety and Health Act, workers were not entitled to a safe and healthy workplace and would have to find other work if they were unsatisfied with their job’s working conditions.

President Obama recently said in an address to Congress, “what we can’t do … is let this economic crisis be used an excuse to wipe out the basic protections that Americans have counted on for decades.  I reject the idea that we need to ask people to choose between their jobs and their safety.”

40 years ago, the National Safety Council estimated that 38 workers died on the job every day.  Today, officials estimate that 12 workers die on the job every day in a workforce that is twice the size of the workforce in 1971.

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