MSHA proposes stricter mining regulations

Earlier this month, the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee held a hearing on the Mine Safety Health Administration’s proposals to increase mining regulations to better protect miners.  One of the biggest concerns for the MSHA is reducing the number of miners who develop black lung, or pneumoconiosis.

Miners develop this lung disease from inhaling coal dust particles.  The MSHA is suggesting reducing the legally allowable amount of coal dust a miner can be exposed to from 2 milligrams per cubic meter of air to one.  In addition, MSHA officials suggest requiring miners to wear monitors that track coal dust exposure.

Spokesman for the United Mine Workers of America, Phil Smith, stated, “As far as we’re concerned, any time you save a life, that’s money well spent.  We know what causes [black lung], and we know what prevents it…It’s difficult to put a pricetag on keeping healthy and staying alive.”

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