Barge worker files suit for injury on the job

A West Virginia barge worker recently filed a transportation injury lawsuit against his employer after becoming injured while working on a barge on the upper Mississippi River. The worker, Gary Levis, was employed by Bluegrass Marine and Marquette Transportation Company when he suffered a serious injury that resulted in the amputation of one of his legs.

Levis was on board and working as lead deckhand on the M/V Titletown USA in September 2009 with a tow of seven barges. The watercraft was traveling northbound on the Mississippi River when on barge broke loose. A mistake by the master of the crew placed tension on one line and caused it to snap into Levis.

The line hit Levis just below his knee on his right leg, wrapped around it and dragged him across the tow. Levis had to have emergency surgery to amputate his lower leg.