Study finds NC has higher medical cost per claim

In a 2007 study completed by the Workers’ Compensation Research Institute, statistics show North Carolina to have higher medical costs per claim than the other 14 states studied.  Researchers believe the high costs are a result of the fee schedule changes implemented in July 2009.

According to the study, North Carolina’s medical costs per claim are 14 percent higher than the median of states studied.  An average hospital payment per claim in North Carolina is just under $9,500.  The average inpatient payment was 49 percent higher than that of the median.

The fee schedule changes included lowering end caps on inpatient and outpatient reimbursement.  Inpatient hospitalization reimbursement dropped from 77.07 percent to 75 percent and outpatient reimbursement dropped from 95 percent to 79 percent.

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