Safety in the workplace is number one priority

In regards to labor and workplace standards, 85 percent of workers agreed that workplace safety was their top priority in looking at work environments.  Workplace safety beat out other common labor issues such as maternity leave, overtime pay, or paid sick leave.

In addition, the study conducted by the University of Chicago’s National Opinion Research Center for the Public Welfare Foundation in Washington showed that 12 percent of workers reported being injured while on the job last year and 37 percent reported needing medical care while on the job.  Furthermore, while the majority of workers said they were happy with their workplace’s safety standards, the majority also said they often felt stressed on the job.  Stressful workplaces often cause accidents and injury to workers.

Director of the survey, Tom W. Smith, stated, “Workplace safety is too often ignored or accidents taken for granted…It is striking that coverage in the media and public opinion polls have virtually ignored the 11 workers killed by the blowout and destruction of the drilling platform (in the Gulf of Mexico)”.

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