Four injured in crane accident in Tennessee

Four Tennessee Department of Transportation workers were injured in a construction accident yesterday afternoon along Tenn. 424.

The accident occurred on a bridge the TDOT crew was repairing along Tenn. 424 in Carroll County when the crane they were using collapsed.  TDOT officials still do not have details on what exactly caused the collapse that injured four workers, but will continue to investigate.

The workers have been identified as Ricky Sanders, Odell March, Richard Stone, and Ron Flemming.  Three of the men were transported via helicopter to various Tennessee hospitals, and one was taken in ambulance to Jackson-Madison County General Hospital.  Sanders, March, and Flemming were all released from the hospital, but Stone remains at a Memphis hospital in unknown condition.

TDOT official Nichole Lawrence stated, “Our guys that were there at the time are pretty shaken up…We’re just hoping for the best that everyone recovers as soon as possible…It’s a testament to how dangerous these guys’ jobs are”.

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