Rodney Rogers creates charity for disabled

The former Wake Forest player and NBA Sixth Man of the Year, Rodney Rogers recently created the Rodney Rogers foundation for paralyzed and wheelchair-bound people.

Rogers broke his neck and became paralyzed from the neck down after a dirt bike accident in 2008.  Doctors say he has about a five percent chance of recovering but Rogers still hangs onto hope.  “I hope and pray that in the near future, I’ll get my arms back, and then hopefully my legs,” stated Rogers.

Rogers and his wife created the foundation for “charitable, scientific, and educational purposes to help families with a paralyzed or wheelchair-bound person in need”.

Rogers understands that the cost of being paralyzed is extremely expensive.  His wheelchair cost over $80,000, nursing care can cost up to $60,000 a month, not to mention medication, transportation, and other amenities.  For these reasons, Rogers created the foundation and will be making speaking appearances in hopes of inspiring others in similar situations.  The funds raised will go towards “providing financial and emotional support to those dealing with paralysis”.

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