Compensation bill passes OK House

The previously proposed Oklahoma legislation to overhaul workers’ compensation recently passed in that state’s House of Representatives. Senate Bill 1973 will change the current compensation legal system by removing two of the judges from the court, taking the total number from ten to eight. Additionally, these judges will be limited to a single term of six to eight years, although current judges will be offered a single reappointment for an eight year term.

The legislation, if passed in the Senate, will define “major cause” in compensation cases. Also, it will exempt employers from injuries suffered outside employment, removing liability from them in these situations.

The legislation passed through the House with a 64-33 vote, and came through without an additional amendment that would have entirely dismantled the previous Workers’ Compensation Courts system, and simply ran all cases through the district civil courts.

Oklahoma state legislators were optimistic about the law’s potential to help employers through a tough economic period and, over all, smoothen the entire process for everyone involved.

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