UIC Study: Chicago Workers Often Stiffed on Workers Comp Benefits, Minimum Wage

A new study released by the University of illinois at Chicago shows that wage theft is rampant among low income workers in the nation’s most populous county.

Wage theft has been a problem for a long time in Cook County, which encompasses Chicago. Experts say illegal immigrants, women, and minorities are particularly susceptible to wage theft. Employers often do not pay minimum wage, and deny workers’ compensation benefits.

The new study from University of Illinois at Chicago studied more than 1,000 workers. It shows the count loses $7.3 million each week in numerous industries because of violations of minimum wage and workers’ compensation laws. The study is called “Unregulated Work in Chicago.”

Researchers say wage theft affects at least 145,000 people in Cook County in industries like retail employees, child care, and housekeeping.

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