Injured Hot Air Balloon Pilot Denied Workers’ Comp

A pilot of a hot-air balloon that crashed into a Vancouver-area trailer park three years ago, killing two people, has been denied workers compensation.

Stephen Pennock as the pilot of a balloon, carrying 13 people, that caught fire just before liftoff, snapped its tether and smashed down onto a trailer park. According to documents from a recent Worksafe review decision, the pilot has faced numerous problems since the incident, including burns to his body, and injuries from heat in both lungs.

Court documents show that the pilot also suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression problems. Doctors say these problems are unlikely to improve until his legal issues are resolved.

The pilot told a review board that he has been living off credit cars and the sale of personal property for two years while he waited for temporary benefits to be paid. The review board, however, upheld a previous finding that the pilot had recovered from his physical injuries by January 2009.

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