Officer Chiafari Testifies in Workers’ Comp Legislation

The Connecticut police officer that was denied workers’ compensation for the post traumatic stress he suffers following a chimp attack testified Thursday to amend the current law in his favor.

Officer Frank Chiafari responded to a call of a chimp attack last year. When he arrived at the scene the chimp, named Travis, attacked the officer and attempted to pull him out of his squad car. Chiafari was forced to shoot the animal. Chiafari’s superiors filed a claim on his behalf for workers’ compensation for the post-traumatic stress that still affects him. The claim was quickly rejected five days later because state workers’ compensation law does not cover police officers claims if they shoot an animal.

Chiafari testified before the legislature’s Labor and Public Employees Committee, hoping to persuade members to vote in favor of an amendment that would permit police officers who shoot attacking animals to submit workers’ compensation claims. “I came this close to getting ripped apart myself, and I can’t get that out of my head – seeing [Travis’] face coming at me with bloody teeth…” Chiafari told the committee.

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