Police Officer Denied Workers’ Comp. After Chimp Attack

A police officer in Connecticut who survived a chimp attack last year has been denied workers’ compensation.

According to the Stamford Police Department, officer Frank Chiafari responded to a call last year about a loose chimpanzee. When Chiafari arrived at the scene the chimp, named Travis, charged at his vehicle, breaking the side view mirror off, and tried to pull the officer outside through the window.

Chiafari was forced to shoot the chimp four times before it finally backed down.

The police officer says he now suffers from nightmares, mood swings, and flashbacks.

Chiafari applied for workers’ compensation to help pay for treatment of the post traumatic stress disorder, but was denied. The state said it can only cover cases where an officer shoots a person, not an animal.

Chafari plans to testify next week in an attempt to change the law.

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