Injury Payments May Increase for GM Workers

The 2.000 workers at the Nashville, Tennessee General Motorsplant stand to collect more money for their old workers’ compensation claims.

Timothy Coock, who injured his arm working at the SpringHill plant in 2007 sued the car company to remove the cap on his claim. UnderTennessee law, a worker’s injury claim is capped at a certain amount based onformula, that cap can be lifted however, if the company is sold to a newowner.  Cook’s attorney, RockyMcElhaney, argued that that cap was lifted when GM filed for bankruptcy in Mayand set up a new company.

Without the cap on injury claims, workers could receive upto four times as much money for their claim. McElhaney said “ A claim that hadbeen worth $10,000 could be worth $30,000 or more.” He estimated the potentialcost to GM is as much as $15 million.

In the lawsuit paperwork, GM argued that the payouts shouldremain capped because while the new GM runs the plant, it transferred liabilityof the workers’ compensation claims to the new company as well.

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