Meat Packing Workers Say Pace is Brutal

A report from Nebraska Appleseed detailing daunting anddangerous working conditions at Nebraska meatpacking plants shows that nothinghas really changed in the ten years since the conditions first made headlines.Production line sped remains brutally high and might even be accelerating sayworkers.

The report is compiled of interviews with over 450 workersin five communities who told a story of hazardous workplaces, unrelenting linespeed and humiliating treatment and verbal abuse.  The national trade organization that represents packers andprocessors, the American Meat Institute, was quick to dispute the allegations.

The high rate of speed at the plants – more than 300 cattleare slaughtered and processed ever hour- can lead to worker injuries likerepetitive motion disorders, as well as threaten food safety. Knife wieldingworkers on quick moving production lines can make more than 10,000 cuts a dayand are particularly susceptible to repetitive motion injuries and disorders.

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