New York Worker’s Comp. Board Places Cash Value on Body Parts

A New York Times article published Wednesday, that investigated the workers compensation system in New York, revealed some shocking information. The article examined the injustices in the system and it’s effect on the workers. But a shocking graphic accompanied the article that showed the payment schedule for workers who have lost permanent use of a body part.

The schedule, set by the New York State Worker’s Compensation Board, awards a lump sum equivalent to the number of weeks wages for different lost body parts. Workers who lose a pinky finger receive 15 weeks pay, where as a pinky toe would earn them 16 weeks. Lose of an arm results in 312 weeks pay, where as a leg only garners 288. Workers who have lost an eye receive 160 weeks wages, losing both eyes earns workers not a lump cash payout but weekly replacement wages for life.

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